News about GTA 4

News about GTA 4

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Jack Thomps continues to battle against GTA

Odious American lawyer Jack Thompson ( Jack Thompson ), who earned fame in the scandals with video games, especially the production of Rockstar Games is , again made itself felt. According to GamePolitics , the lawyer sent an open letter to Take-Two Interactive management , in which he demanded to remove a hint of a loved one from the upcoming hit of Grand Theft Auto IV . As it turned out, Thompson was embarrassed by the presence in one of the missions of the future game of a quote about the insecurity of video games from Max Payne 2 , which the developers put into the mouth of one of the characters, also a lawyer by profession.

The description of this episode, drawn from the preview, apparently impressed and frightened Jack so much that he found it directly

More news …

A new article on GTA IV was published in the GamePro magazine , and our colleague Jordan provided a squeeze of the basic facts presented in the material. • In the game, billboards “Shark Credit Cards” (Shark Credit Cards), “Pirate Music” (Pirate Music) and the mobile phone “The Whiz” (they will use Nico in the game); • The game’s interface is described as minimalist, it contains a map on a mini-radar and a cash earned counter (previously it was reported that health will be illustrated as a ring line around the radar); • The game will not have Ammu-Nation stores; • As before, it will be possible to use a rocket launcher;

• A woman shouts out “This shit is bananas!” From her car, Rockstar responds to last year’s protests of children ;

GTAIV will be released in March 2008
As it became known, representatives of Take-Two Interactive Software contacted the corporate offices of the main sellers of the games and gave them a more accurate release date for the game – March 2008. The game developers realized that the dealers for preparing quarterly financial reports did not fit the indefinite three-month period that we have with you.

Update: The online store has posted a new GTA IV delivery date on pre-order. The game can be obtained on March 3, the day before the official release. We are waiting for confirmation from Rockstar!


Another preview.

We bring to your attention the main points from the GTA IV preview from the German Games Aktuell magazine:

• The demonstration for the magazine employees lasted 45 minutes, they were shown the recording twice;

• The girl from the art and magazine cover is called Lola, she will be available for a special pastime;

• Taxis play a significant role in GTA IV, with their help a trip from one point on the map to another takes place only at the touch of a button;

• In addition, the taxi driver will fulfill some of Nico’s special instructions: if our hero is hungry, he will be taken to the nearest fast food, if injured, he will be taken to the hospital;

• However, taxi services cannot be used if there are cops on Niko’s tail;

• Police officers searching for our character are indicated on the radar by dots;

• Nico regularly uses his cell phone and in-game internet;

• Niko’s mobile phone combines the functions of a telephone, messaging device, organizer, digital camera and GPS …

In an article by the American Playstation Magazine about GTA IV, most of the facts we already know are collected. However, reporters were able to present several points that no one had previously mentioned:• henceforth, around the radar is a thin ring of green, which symbolizes the health of Nico;
• a crash in the game or an updated gameplay? During the demonstration, Nico was killed by a police helicopter, which literally landed on his head.Source-

Something else…
The release of Grand Theft Auto IV will take place in mid-October of this year. The game will be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The regular edition costs $ 60. We will only say that, apparently, Rockstar is preparing to release a criminal saga of a whole new level. If before GTA was more of a comedy, now this is a serious story without a hint of a happy ending.
Here are some screenshots from the second video:

Rumors: GTA IV can bear
The Take-Two Interactive publishing company has big problems. Analysts suggest that this state of affairs may affect the company’s activities: they will close studios and cancel projects (The BIGS, All-Pro Football, Fantastic Four and The Darkness). Moreover, there is an assumption that the confusion may affect the release dates of other, more anticipated and monetary projects. Such as Grand Theft Auto IV. Experts think that the toy that almost every gamer who has bought an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 expects may not come out in October this year.

It is likely that the release will nevertheless take place in 2007, only in November (to allow for a somewhat broader time frame between the premieres of GTA IV and …
The transfer of mods in GTAIV
Rumors have been confirmed that when creating GTA 4, developers will use the RAGE engine (Rocstar Advanced Game Engine). those. Now it’s much prettier in graphics (support for shaders, real-time processing of shadows and lighting, high detail of the objects of the game world), but all modifications developed earlier for GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas can be safely written off to the scrap – you won’t be able to transfer them to GTA4 .

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