“ AllGTA.info portal created 4933 days ago”

“ AllGTA.info portal created 4933 days ago”

Welcome to our GTA game site  ! If you have problems with the passage, or you just want to learn something new about your favorite game, then this site is especially for you. Here you can find patches and mods (cars, helicopters, planes, trains, boats and even bicycles), as well as modifications that change the texture in the game, russifiers and programs for GTA, software and lessons for creating your own models, and much more! And of course we will be happy if you will have something to share with us …

PS3 Cost
More and more specialists continue to put pressure on Sony, demanding that the company reduce the price of the PlayStation 3. In particular, Sega corporate director Masanao Maeda recently announced the need for such a fact. In his opinion, the best way to stimulate demand is to lower the cost of the set-top box. The Sony brand is still very strong, so it’s possible to save the console.

However, to do this without worthy exclusives will be extremely difficult. Sony has already lost Assassin’s Creed, Devil May Cry 4, and Grand Theft Auto 4 (optional content on Xbox only). Final Fantasy XIII and Metal Gear Solid 4 still stick to the PS3. However, these games may soon turn into a multi-platform. If this happens in the future, then the PlayStation 3 will really have a bad time.



Letters to Yandex were not in vain! We are indexing again! Vivat me! )))

Updates on the site!
Added 6 more new models!
Updates on the site!

Added 6 new models and several small mods.

VC2SA Online Updates!
Very big and cool mod! Vice City in San Andreas!

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