Gang Wars & Territories

Rockstar North has done a lot of research into the development of San Andreas gangs – DJ Pooh, Mister Cartoon, Estevan Oriol, and hundreds of other people voiced gangs. CA gangs play a larger role than they did in Vice City. Firstly, the number of gangs has increased. In general, gangs cause a bit more trouble than they did in the previous parts, for example, attacking your gang’s cars, being numerous in the streets, and they also use various new methods of attack. In some areas you are welcome, and in some you may be attacked. San Andreas gives you the ability to “capture” map areas, and recruit new members to your gang to help you complete some missions.
Gang members differ in clothing, tattoos, and they leave their signatures. These signs are useful for two reasons – this allows the police to identify the gang or victim, and this allows gang members to interact with each other. Each gang has its own territory, which is indicated by street warnings, wall graffiti. In Los Santos, each of the 4 gangs is fragmented into different “factions”. This is good and bad news. The bad ones, because not all groups survive, and the good ones, because they always fill their gaps with new people who can be transferred to their gang.

Gang Wars & Territories

Capturing gang territories is a difficult process. Go to the area you want to capture. Then the radar turns purple, and, taking out your favorite machine gun, shoot each member of the gang that falls into your field of vision. Killing 4 members will trigger a gang war, and the area will blink red on the radar during an attack. Competitors attack in 3 waves to protect their land. Look at the radar to understand whether the attacks on you have ended or not, and it is recommended to watch where the villains come from. They can attack you in huge numbers, so before you capture the territory, you must have full health and armor. If possible, shoot from a long distance, or from roofs. Survive these 3 waves, and your area. This area, after capture, will turn green on the radar. Other gangs may attack your territory, and it’s up to you to defend it or to plunder looters from competing gangs. Remember that full power is a guarantee of respect.

Bandit Wars & Territories are represented during Sweet’a Doberman’s mission . Following the Green Saber mission , CJ no longer has the ability to take over new territories, or defend its own. This ability appears during the Home Coming mission , towards the end of the game’s storyline.


CJ can hire a maximum of 7 members at any time, although the maximum number depends on the level of respect for CJ.

In the world known to us by Vice City, Coach or Bus can accommodate all 7 members, which, like a regular car, can accommodate a maximum of 2 or 4 members. Your warriors will open hurricane fire on those who attack you, it does not matter who it is, a policeman or a member of a competing gang, or maybe a civilian who does not like you, Tae will just fit your face. They will also be participating in the shoot-out pursuit, just like Sweet, Smoke, and Ryder demonstrate in a drive-by mission. However, do not rely particularly on your shadows with formidable guns, they are not very reliable and can actually open fire far from CJ. And in the game you can watch through the eyes of your gang member who walks with you. It’s so wonderful to set the brothers on a longing, and to go rob yourself the peacefully sleeping civilians yourself,

The gang can be dissolved or abandoned.

Amount of RespectNumber of Gang Members
Above 1%2
Over 10%3
Above 20%4
Over 40%5
Over 60%6
Above 80%7

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