Review of GTA sites

Review of GTA sites

On the website, an unofficial (of course) review of GTA Runet sites was compiled into the second part of which we entered. You can read what they write about our portal on this page:  I am glad that we are placed next to such giants as GTAmaps and Thanks to the reviewers for not forgetting us)

TOP 100

Our website has entered the top hundred of the most visited Ucoz projects! And although it still stands only in 99th place, we hope that it will not last long, and soon we will grow in the ranking) Yes, by the way, our site is recognized as the largest GTA resource by Ucoz

A car with a trident on the hood causes an irresistible desire to get to know this car closer. 
The design of this model was developed in the famous company Pininfarina, which knows a lot about beautiful cars. Starting from the radiator grille, on which the aforementioned trident occupies a central place, then 3 small windows in each wing take a look – like loopholes, behind which there is a terrible beast devouring 98 high-octane gasoline with incredible tenacity. Then the gaze stops at a thin line of windows – you have not seen anything like this on any production car. Like a famous painting, it attracts the eyes of passers-by. On the rear pillar, as if the artist’s signature, we see another trident. The image is completed by 4 tailpipes in the rear bumper, which speak about the undisclosed potential of a powerful V8 biturbo engine,

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