Transfer of objects from gtaIII to SA

Transfer of objects from gtaIII to SA

In the first article of the series, published in the last issue, we examined the basic principles of creating the game world for GTA: San Andreas using your own models. But it is unlikely that someone will be able to create so many skeletons of game objects and characters so that they are enough for the whole virtual world. It is often easier to use existing models. Today we will teach you how to transfer objects and even entire cities (Liberty City and Vice City) to the world of San Andreas.
Cooking Tools

learning to fly vice city & sa

how to fly a helicopter in GTA training.


GTA hairdressers

additional work in GTA

3 add. work with a good income!


Since the new RockStar brainchild can be safely attributed to a life simulator, it was not surprising to anyone that they introduced such a thing as food into the game.

Drug dealers

A bit about hucksters in San Andreas.

Sports and Entertainment

In San Andreas, we will always have something to do during the breaks between missions. Sometimes we can even combine business with pleasure and earn extra money. So what can we do?

We change the prices of goods

Have you ever climbed GTA sites for good mods? If you climbed, then you have come across mods that change (or even delete) the prices of goods. But all these mods were made in 30 seconds by Uncle Petya, because he was bored. Well, what’s the buzz of giving you a free jacket? Are the sellers afraid of you? You go out into the street, and the first person you meet begins to get wet, women don’t want that with you … But everything may be a little wrong.


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